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Our Affiliates works together with our reseller campaign

Reseller can resell our plan to customer with own branding  or can promote our plan with affiliates link.
Both way you will get commission from us!
But there are some differentiation within affiliates & reseller benefits

Affiliate - PRO

Reseller - MAX

Reseller - MASTER

Frequent Asked Question, FAQ

#1: Can i upgrade from affiliate to Reseller?

Yes, you can upgrade from affiliate-pro to reseller-master or reseller-max. The previous sales will not compensate back the commission different but future sales or recurring sales will based on new commission rate.

#2: Anyone can join?

Yes, we welcome anyone become our affiliate or reseller, you just need to have Malaysia local bank account and PAYPAL account.

#3: When i will get my commission payout ?

Affiliate or reseller can check the payable commission at my affiliate dashboard, once more than payment threshold (RM100), you can request payout thru our system. We will process and make the payment directly into your bank account or paypal account within 7 business days.

#4: How system track our affiliate link?

We are using referral cookie to track affiliate progress, you may check your performance in my affiliate dashboard. Our cookie will expired in 14 days. Cookie will change to latest cookie if visitor visited to with new affiliate link.

#5: Can i resell to client with my own brand?

If you are reseller the answer is YES! For reseller-master or reseller-max, we will generate a discount code for you. Once you deal a website under your brand/company, you directly subscribe a plan with discount code. We will setup the website dashboard for you, and you handover to your client/s.

#6: What happen if i downgrade?

For affiliate-pro, there is no downgrade. But for reseller-master and reseller-max yes. If you downgrade, your commission calculation will automatically refer to latest commission rate. This will affect new sales & recurring sales. Besides, the discount code rate will change to latest commission rate as well.

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