How to get affiliate link?

How to get affiliate link?

First you have to join us as affiliate thru affiliate registration form [here] or join us as Reseller Master or Reseller MAX [here]

Once you registered affiliate or Reseller, you will able to view affiliate dashboard page. For reseller Master/MAX, you will received an email for confirmation as your referral commission will be higher than affiliates-Pro.
Before confirmation, reseller will not able to see dashboard details.

Below is the Affiliate dashboard view:

To get your affiliate links, click [generate link]

And then you will able to see your affiliate link as below:
Your referral URL is: http://woasite.com?ref=
(Now copy this referral link and share it anywhere)

Besides, you can generate affiliate link from woasite.com pages example as below:

Right click the page you wish to generate your affiliate link and COPY LINK ADDRESS as image below:

After copy the link address, paste it on “PAGE URL” and click “GENERATE”as image below:

After generate, you will able to see new affiliate link generated. Just click the COPY button and share with your friends or social media platform.

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